Friday, June 02, 2006

0 Stress

I was doing my CPR course today through Red Cross. I already have this through St. John's Ambulance... so it's pretty boring. However for the first time in over a week, I haven't felt ill. I feel stress free, I feel relieved and free! I feel like I am me again. I hate being disillusioned. I hate having very little control.

It's Friday night. So we all know what that means. I have a couple options, and I am opting to try something new and see what happens. Just for fun.

Of course before I do anything I am doing my 5miles. Weird thing is, I don't know how many kms are in 5 miles. I was sure 1 km = .87 miles or something like that. I really want to find out because it makes it more relevant to me to think in terms of kms. Not that I hate "non metrics" HAH! so silly...

Usually I do my eliptical training and situps at night, shortly before bed and my final shower. I think today... because I don't want to skip, I'll do the situps first and then the 5 miles. Well I suppose I may skip the eliptical tonight.

20 pounds. Such a noticeable difference. My clothes are ridiculously baggy. Can't wait to go shopping for some new clothes (and new purses of course.) It will have to wait at least one more month. I divided up my school in 3 payments and I only have one left. I hate debt so I like it out as soon as possible.

James Blunt - You're Beautiful
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