Thursday, April 20, 2006

Time to share the news...

Ok, so I never got around to sharing the good news yet! Before I get to that... I wanted to share other good news.... I lost another 1.4 pounds this week.... so my total is now 12.2 pounds lost since March.7th! I haven't decided yet, whether this is good or not! Obviously it's "good" but I mean if it's *good* lol.

So the news that I shoulda coulda shared eons ago, is this: Through EI (employment insurance), ETS (employment training services) will pay for 65% of the health care aide course!! That's over $3000!!! Yippeee!!! I am sooo happy. I need to come up with about $1700, which will be coming mostly from my EI cheques anyway.

So, May 1st I start school! I will only be a Health Care Aide until my seat opens up in Nursing... so all is good. I get to learn, get a health related career for now... and EI will last me until Dec. 1st!! I will still have some cashola coming in while I look for a job after I graduate in September!! woohooo!! Lifelong learning rocks! hahah I am such a loser! I guess I am just excited with how things turned out!

Remember how upset I was that I was laid off, and there were other people who were offered a job with another company? Well, it looks like I got the best of them all in the end! The girl that was only there for a month, and was offered a job at CanAm, got fired... for calling in sick too much... there is a surprise! The rest of them apparently hate the job, had to go down in wages on top of it! But what really sucks for them is because they took that job, they won't get a severance package... nor do they qualify for EI, because they were given an option to be laid off or go to another company!!

I am not angry anymore... I faired much better than anyone else!! :)

Yippeee Ka Yay!!! That's my good news. I will be going to school first of May... graduate in September, and hopefully the following March my seat will open up in Nursing... and life could only be more grand now if flights were cheaper... aka gas prices are insane! >:(

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