Tuesday, March 28, 2006

People Love Me

Either people feel sorry for me, or they think I am genuine. lol. ahhh...

I met with an EI Employment Services Advisor to discuss getting some tuitionage for the HCA course. Well, she really liked me, and if she had the choice she would give me all the money I need! haha. Basically, you have to do a TON of research... which I have already done. You have to fill out an expense report. You have to go to a group session. *GAG* and then I FINALLY will have my own appt. with a different advisor. *sigh* They never pay 100%. The norm is 50%... occassionaly it will be 75%... which is what I am hoping and praying for. My grandma's praying for me too. :) Tomorrow I have to go to that sorry ass group session... at 10 am no less.... on the other side of town. *groannnnnn* 2 hours! Ok... I am not a moron that needs life direction, career advice etc. I *know* what I want to do. I have always figured things out on my own without guidance. I'm bored of talking about this.

One of the most influential people in my life was Eugene Bussoli. I will write about him sometime. I hope I have a chance of running into him again!

Ciao Pepitos! Ok, I don't even know what pepitos are. :/

James Blunt - You're Beautiful
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