Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bubble Guts...

I have a meeting with an administrator at Herzing today. I am kinda nervous about this. For this course there is a pre-admission exam you have to write. It has questions about health care professionalism, nutrition, vocabulary, and math. Basially a personality type test to see if you are suited for the health care field. Well, she said it's nothing I would have to study for or anything like that. I am still nervous for several reasons. A big one is that the cost of Herzing compared to other schools is significantly more expensive. I should have known there would be a downside to being able to start in May.

Here are the costs I have come across:
Winnipeg Technical College: $1925.00
Robertson College: $4502.00
Herzing: $4750.00

I think there was one more that was about $2000. Why the huge difference? The only reason I am even going to talk to herzing is because it starts May. 1. If I don't get the funding from EI... I am not going. EI generally sponsors 50-75%. IF you qualify. If they cover 75% then yes, I will pay the rest to go and get this degree.

With knowing I could be starting nursing next year sometime, I don't want to put myself in debt for a health care aide course. I can't believe that nursing is only about $800 more. ?!?! Right now I am hoping to have EI cover 75%. I am not taking out loans for this course... because I will just end up getting stuck with more loans for when I go to nursing... no thanks.

Well, I guess if this doesn't work out, I am going to McDonald's to work for $7.50 an hour for the next 1+ years. *sigh*

I guess all I can do is pray... no more roadblocks PLEASE!! Hey roadblocks.... Amazing Race is on tonight, can't forget that.

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