Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blessings In Disguise...

The wheels in my head are always turning. I have some serious emotions that tend to be really strong. But they turn off and on just like the hot water tap.

A week ago, tomorrow, I was laid off. I felt such an anger, at the unfairness of the situation, especially when others were getting a chance to go to another company, people who have worked at the pharmacy less than I have, including someone on probation. I feel like I should still be angry, but I'm not.

This has been such a wonderful week for me.

I have a couple choices right now. I could mope, sit on my ass and collect EI. Sounds kinda nice though. However, it's not in my nature to sit and do nothing... I won't get paid for sitting around forever. If I did...well, maybe I would have a different feeling. *_*

Option 2, would obviously be to find a job. Hmm.. well I am so picky about work... always have been. It's even harder to push for any old job now that I have been accepted into nursing school.

What I do know is that EI will sometimes pay your way through school. Well, I was looking into taking a healthcare aide course. They are all around 5 months. I am still going into a profession I want to be around. I tried a couple community colleges and all start dates were February and September. Pretty discouraging. There is no way I would get sponsored then.

Well, Herzing just emailed me and told me they have a start date of May.1. Could this be anymore perfect? I think not! All I would have to do is an achievement test.. piece of pie! If they have room for me in May, this will be awesome. If EI pays for it... even better!

Crossing my fingers here!! X

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