Thursday, February 09, 2006

Saturday...or is it?

I'm off today, so it feels like a weekend. I wish. :( I volunteered to work Saturday (cause everyone else was being a pussy about it...) so I took today off. We can't take Monday's... booo! So here I am.

I have a few things to do today... I have a doctor's appointment in about an hour or so. I am taking in my immunization record... start on my series of hep shots and do the mantoux test... I test positive for TB, so I need additional testing including chest xrays. (My grandpa had TB so I was immunized against it, causing me to test positive.) I am doing this now to get it out of the way. Anyways, so I am taking this to my dr. to get it filled out.

I guess I need something for concentration too... something natural? My dr. is amazing because he does believe in western medicine, but he also believes in a more holistic approach... homeopathy, accupuncture etc. We'll see what he says. I don't have ADD or anything I just can't stay focused in a long lecture.. my mind wanders! I get easily bored I suppose.

I am also going to as for an opinion on stethoscopes!! hehe. I know I am ahead of the game... but if I can get stuff out of the way before school, then I will be able to focus better!

Anyways, off to get ready.

James Blunt - You're Beautiful
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