Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pins & Needles!

I went to the dr. today to get my hep shot. Fun times! I am glad that I am getting this all under way now.. because the $$ would kill me as a student! Luckily my insurance covers all but $12 of the $58 hep shot! Even my dr. was shocked at this...because it's so rare to have insurance cover any of it! Of course, it's not covered by Manitoba Health... so I still had to pay the dr. for it. He decided to go ahead and give me an uptade on tetanus and MMR. You really don't have to do MMR again, but he said if you're going into health care, might as well get immunized every 10 years. Not sure of the significance for MMR, but I trust him! Plus, he is a friend of the family so he only charged me 1/2 of the normal cost! Next month I will get the 2nd series of the Hep shot, and get tested for chicken pox antibodies as well as uhmm... blood type testing and something else I think... oh yeh mantoux! I like getting the mantoux, and I am bummed I won't be sharing this test with anyone who "gets" it! I test positive for TB, meaning I have to go for xrays and such... and other students liked seeing my unique results on this test!!

Yay!! I feel like I am making headway with school, even though I haven't started! Before I start I also plan on getting 3-4 pairs of scrubs... I am signed up for a sale mailing list, a good pair of nursing shoes, a stethoscope and update my Level C CPR. When I am in school and people have to take time off to get these things done, I won't have to worry about it, and I can just worry about studying! Yah baybee!!

The best part is... I have always wanted little letters to put at the end of my name, and I will make sure to sign them. :) Well, I have to for charting anyways, heh. yayayayay I am so excited!

Dr. Lang also explained how to give painless needles, and what he told me is true... because he does give painless needles... ok well I did feel the MMR when the stuff went in cause it stung... so I really *do* feel bad for the babies. :`(

This is what he said, and this would be good advice for anyone who will have to give needles in the future! Don't use alcohol swabs. They don't do anything... there is not enough alcohol to make the germs drunk, and it actually makes the injection more painful. When you go to give the needle, make sure to hold firmly and put it in like a dart you forgot to let go of. (Ok, I know this is scary, but it works!) Push the contents of the syringe quickly and pull out the needle quickly! This whole process of giving a shot lasts.. ummm 1/2 second with Dr. Lang! The reason you want to put the needle in quickly and get it done quickly in the way I describe, is because you won't hit "pain sensors." When you put the needle in slowly, you end up putting it in on a slight angle, and the needle ends up hitting all sorts of nerve endings, causing pain, bruising, bleeding etc. I am going to take his advice... because it works for me. I have the best dr. in the world... what will I do when he retires!! *sob*

It was also nice when he said "welcome to the profession, you will make an excellent nurse!"

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