Thursday, February 16, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

I love reading. I really wish I had more time to read. If I have a day with nothing to do, I can read a whole novel that day! I can ready pretty much anything... well I am not into romances or westerns... so I rather pass on a general rule, no Danielle Steele! haha

So I finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha this weekend. If you plan on reading the book, please don't read any further! For some reason, while reading it I thought it was an actual recollection of a Geisha... why I thought that I don't know. If I didn't read the "about the author" page I would have never of known it was fiction. Nevertheless...

The book was well written, and goes into a lot of detail as to how she was sold, and forced to become a geisha, not really against her will or anything... but that's what she was sold for. The story goes on as she matures into an apprentice geisha, and then a full fledged geisha. It leads up to her mizuage, which goes for about 11 000 yen.

When Sayuri was a young girl she ran into the chairman, he gave her a handkerchief, and she kept it with her throughout the book...always tucked into her obi. She was in love witht the chairman. Nearing the end of the book Nobu-san was to become her danna, and she tries to get out of it. In the end Sayuri ends up with the chairman, and it ends like a true happy ending.

All the way up to the point where she was to meet Nobu for the ceremony that binds him as her danna, the book was great. At this point the book turns, and really quickly the chairman is kissing Sayuri passionately, and he becomes and unofficial danna, they travel to the US, she opens up a traditional teahouse, and bam. Happy ending! Wow... was I ever dissapointed!

The ending really should have ended with Sayuri and Nobu-san, and Sayuri longing for the chairman silently. Based on what I read in the book.. that's how I imagined it would be. The ending was just too rushed, and too westernized! But all in all, it still is a highly recommended book...and I will see the movie.

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