Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Identity Theft - The Reality.

I am a victim of Identity Theft. Does anyone care? Apparently not... I received a letter from a lawyer in Ontario today that a draft statement of claim indicating I am scheduled to be sued regarding failure to pay XXX (collection agency). At the end of the letter it states that the debt was purchased by the credit agency from my former wireless provider. The amount is $311 and some change. uhmmm....

What do I do??

1. I flip out, scream, throw a fit, cry... beat up my pillow. Swear at an ex...?
2. I call the lawyer's office, that sent me the letter. I try to keep it cool...but LOSE my cool. The lawyer wasn't there, but I talked to his legal secretary, who really was a nice guy... he told me to
a.) contact telus
b.) contact said collection agency that hired lawyer.
c.) go to local police station and report identity theft.
3. I call the collection agency, they do not have me on record, have no idea who I am. Tell me to contact a different credit company.
4. I call 2nd credit company, and apparently only one person works there.
5. I call telus, they have no record of me.

So how the fuck do I owe people money, and yet no one has a record of me? I am at this point flipping out.

6. I call collection agency #1 and again no info. I ask if they are in Canada, they say no ... are you? I say yes...and all of a sudden this makes a world of difference. They tell me to call collection agency #2 where "my" files have been transferred.

7. I repeatedly call collection agency #2 leaving name and number.

8. I call telus with a client ref # the lawyer's office gave me... finally this time a terrified CSR does see my name. I ask for a copy of the contract... and apparently the collection agency has it... well collection agency #1 didn't have it... the lawyer doesn't have it. At this point I wonder if I know who I am?

The info I did get:
Cell # from Telus 204 333 1223
How long ago: 3 1/2 years!!

What the hell??? At first I thought it was my ex in Toronto... he has a habit of switching cell phones every 2 or 3 months... which apparently he never pays for. Now I don't know...but quite possible.

9. I go to the police station to report identity theft. They kind of snicker and say it's not really their dept. ??!?!!? I THOUGH IDENTITY THEFT WAS A CRIME! They do not go after the people who do this! WHAT!!!! So all I got out of this is a ref # a name and badge #. A police report on file whoop de doo. The police in this city are useless. I have always been told this is a serious crime. So if the police don't deal with it who the fuck does? I am so disgusted at this... and the fact this officer had the audacity to say to me, and ever so casually, "This happens all the time."

Do *I* give a fuck this happens all the time?? NO, absolutely NOT. I care about ME, and that this happened to ME. This is wrong, unfair and I should NOT be going through this, because someone else put me in this position.

What am I doing now? Well, I sure as hell am not paying this "debt". If they take me to court and expect me in Ontario for it. I will sue the credit company for defamation, wrongfully accusing, humiliation and absolutely all charges that this incurs.

Tomorrow, I need to contact credit agency #2 and see if they have a copy of the contract and call the lawyer back and give them the info of the police report I made... I am getting out of this and I am not getting screwed.

I feel so violated.

Oh, and to whoever did this to me... you will pay.

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