Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Aleksandra and the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day!

What a horrrrrrible day!! I am so glad that it's over. I don't even want to go into details, but work has been so stressful lately. Because of the increase in work stress... I am dropping my math course, and I will pick it up next semester. Biology I don't want to opt out of. I am just so happy to be home... I plan on taking a nap shortly. I think I am just ultra sensitive...

Valentine's day... ?? Is that supposed to be some kind of holiday? I admit I am a vday hater. Exchange cards and be done with it. But please, don't go out and buy gifts, flowers and chocolates. You can do something special any time of the year... stop being so corporate! In my opinion valentines is for kids... and that's that. No more on this subject.

There was something else i rushe home to say, but damn, if it didn't slip my mind!

I have been really good about not buying anything scrap related this year... and I finally broke down, and spent a small amount of $$... say $60? not bad.. but I do feel guilty!! That could have been $60 to pay for a book for school!! haha. This is what I got:
HS schizophreic chipboard alphas
HS baby chipboard words
HS plastic letters in (pink- control freak, martha - all mixed up and sea - fat cat)
HS lowercase raw chipboard alphas
HS chipboard lable holders in grass
HS paper knife
HS paper piercer
HS pencil crayons (yay!)
and Creative Imaginations Rock and Roll stickers.
Ok, I didn't do too bad... but I am going to try and be more careful now! I really don't need to be spending money... especially since I haven't scrapbooked since I resigned from the Design Team I was on! Noooo... no more motivation! haha! It's fine, it will come to me eventually... if not I will sell it all!! mwaahah!

It looks like my mood is getting better! Oh, now I remember what I was going to talk about... I finished the book Memoirs of a Geisha. I want to write a review...but I will do so, in a seperate post, because I don't want it to get lost!


Quote for Feb.14: Love is for losers :)

James Blunt - You're Beautiful
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