Monday, January 16, 2006

With Rose Coloured Glasses...

So, Saturday I went to Aura, and ended up getting a's meh... I am sure I can rock it... it's kind of carefree rock... sorta... The colour is awesome though!! I got a dark brown, with auburn chunky highlights. Way hot, I love it! I tipped my hairdresser good, so I don't think he charged me for the haircut... hehe! Gotta love that! I ended up paying like $100 for two colours of dye, a haircut, and style....and the most knee shaking, lip trembling, earth shattering head massage ever! He is sooo goood!! I asked him for 5 more minutes, and he said he will work the conditioner... oh my GOD... it's like his fingers were making love to my scalp!! Ohh!!! I'll stop now! haha! I will try and get some pics up.. love, love the colour! I feel so much better now!

I think in the next few days, I am going to play around with the blog, and make it feel a little more like "home." I would like to change some colours... maybe pink and black? pink and brown? Chang the link colours, maybe add a few permanent pictures... do something with the title??? I really don't know yet.... I will think of something, but first I think I need to change the background. I was playing with some pinks, but didn't see anything that really blew me away... yet!

Is it really only Monday? I am so ready for a weekend already. Work went by fast, but it's at that point where I know I want to leave, and really it's a matter of time... so I get more antsy! I can't wait to one day, come in to work, hand in a 2 week letter and smile! But... I don't even know if I got accepted into the school that I wanted to get into, yet. I sent the application in.. ummm a week ago? Of course, I haven't heard anything yet, but I won't lie and say that I haven't been "looking" for mail! Of course, I do know that the first mailing I get from them is "We have received your application and will contact you once we have processed it" kind of letter. Yet, it gives me some kind of hope.

Meh... off to wash some clothes for tomorrow's day at the cube farm!

Shirts I want:
"I know it's only Rock & Roll...but I like it"
"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
"Love is for Losers"

James Blunt - You're Beautiful
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