Sunday, January 22, 2006

Why aren't weekends 3 days long?

So, it's been a super slow week at work... soooo outta the ordinary. Just last month I was so stressed out! I am dreading going to work if it is that slow! I mean...I have to LOOK for something to do...there really always is something to do...menial tasks, tasks that normally wouldn't be mine! Things like calling for refill reminders, filing GARGH!! Anyways...

So, on Friday I got a letter in the mail from ACC (Assiniboine Community College). I was expecting it to be their standard "Thank you for your application, we will contact you once it has been processed." Well, uhmmm it was just a receipt for them cashing my cheque. I know this shouldn't really be a big deal... but if they were to mail a receipt couldn't they just mail me a letter saying they are processing my application? I am only saying this, because now the paranoia is setting in... I didn't get accepted! AHHHH...

Ok, I don't really know that I didn't... but it's so nerve racking. If I don't get into this college I am going to try Red River. It's just that I really didn't want to go into the joint baccalaureate program yet. I had a vision of how I wanted to proceed with my nursing career! ARRRG!! Ok... I am just freaking out, because I don't know what to expect. I honestly do have a feeling that it will be no. I don't know why... but I just get this feeling! Oh, I will be crushed... ok, not THAT crushed... it's not like my future is over or anything like that. I am just not getting any younger!

God bless the day that I will never work in restaurant, retail or call centre! Ok...well I have never really worked in a restaurant.... ugh... working with fast food all day is disgusting... I don't care if you are the delivery boy or the manager! I think it totally sucks! :) So, I guess this is why I am going back to school... I want a real career... not something bogus... something I worked HARD to get. Oh and trust me, when I get into school.... I will be busting my ass! I have dicked around once in college... and never again!

Ok... so crossing my fingers!

Oh... and Steph Barda, happy belated birthday! Hope the 1/4 of a century wasn't too difficult to swallow! :0

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