Monday, January 09, 2006

Random Questions

So, I got a list of random questions in my email.... a chain letter type of dealy... I am not keen on replying but thought it would be neat to use in my b... my bl.. uhmm here!

What was your favorite childhood toy?
well, I really loved atari (pole position!!) but I think nintendo is up there... do you remember the power pad? We would play it on the second floor of a 100 year old house, my parents would spazz! I really liked my little ponies too... and really anything girly.
What is your favourite dating memory?
I have so many great dating memories! I have spent time with some really cool guys!
The most recent BEST DATE ever, was flying to Toronto staying at a $500 a night hotel, just to see U2 at the Air Canada Centre! How f*****g cool is that! That was pretty amazing!
If you could take a trip to any place in the world, where would you go?
If someone told me "pack your bags we're going to a random place"....I would say Europe... not just any one place, but all of it... have backpack will travel!
What would you rather do, give a speech in front of 200 people or bungee jump?
Definitely the speech! I think I have seen too many "video clips" to ever try bungee jumping!
What three words best describe you?
Passionate, emotional and impatient.
What are your three favourite movies of all time?
The Usual Suspects, Pirates of the Carribean and Pulp Fiction.
What is your dream job?
I would love to be some kind of scientist. Doesn't matter what kind... preferebly a biologist, archaeologist or anthropologist. I have a customer who is a scientist, a female, and I have sent her medications to Antarctica. McMurdoch Station! You should see the address. I guess it's just an air force base, as she works for the American Government. It's so intriguiging and I am so jealous!
If you had to live in a different province, which would you choose?
I think it would be Alberta. Only one tax!
Which would be harder for you to give up, chocolate or coffee?
I think the answer to that would be chocolate!
What job has been your favorite?
Believe it or not, when I worked telemarketing at a placed called Telespectrum, loving referred to us as Telerectum! I was 16, the pay was AWESOME for it's time... like 8.50 an hour to start moved up to 9.50 after probabtion. I was sooo good at it though that I would come home with $700 cheques at like 16! Crazy! We were to work only 2 Saturday's a month, and I volunteered pretty much every Saturday and the occasional Sunday! The bonus' there were wild! Plus, I met tons of cool, cool people!
What living person, other than family members, do you admire most?
I really admire anyone who stands up for the rights of another person. Any humanitarian really... I definitely think Bono is one.
What do people often misunderstand about you?
I am not as open as you think, I am really a deep, deep person but I keep a lot of things to myself. I don't think there is anything wrong with that, I just don't think a lot of people are on "my wavelength" if that makes any sense.
How important is kissing to you in our relationship?
Sooo important!!! I love kissing... I could do it all day, all night.. as long as you are good at it. I have tried to teach someone, and it didn't work because I don't know if you can really teach someone. But I love how kissing leads to other things! It's so erotic!
What musician, living or deceased, would you like to meet?
Eddie Veder, Steven Tyler (although he held my hand at a concert!), John Lennon, Bon Jovi... I could go on....
Ok, I don't want to answer anymore, this is getting boring! :P

Just a thought:
I find it very irritating when people constantly complain about people in their lives. Suck it up! If I have a "personal vendetta" with someone I don't go on about it, on a daily basis! It just gets repetitive and old, and really makes me wonder what kind of person you are! I do think you need to get your frustrations out... if you want to complain about someone, go ahead... but please, when it becomes petty... shut the hell up! I can't stand that sort of stuff!

Hot Stuff:
*long hair on guys *rowwwrrrr*

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