Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Queen of England would say it's dandy...

Moving my blogging from MySpace to here.... why? I don't really know. MySpace just seems like a huge meet market. Really I am blogging for myself.... it's true! It's not like I "invite" people to come see or even tell people I have a "blog." ugh... blog is such a dirty word.

Anyways, I have done it! I finally sent in that application to go back to school. It has been sitting here about a year now as I hemmed and hawwed. I had to re-write my entrance letter as it was outdated. I applied for the July 2007 start date for Nursing. I took nursing before, and got quite a ways through. I am so outta the loop though that I have decided to take everything over. Fresh start if you know what I mean. (Hey is it just me, or do I type faster than this program can support? That's kind of irritating.)

So in 2 weeks I should get a letter saying that my letter has been received and that they will be reviewing it. How grandiose! Well, I guess it's better than wondering if the letter has been received. I don't know what will happen... but I guess if I don't get in I will be applying to Ed... I would love to teach sciences to high school students... madness I know... but hey it's not math! mwahaha!

Speaking of math, I better start practicing my fractions and decimals, because if I remember correctly you need a 95% in med math. I know there are certain things that will be easier for me from working at the pharmacy. It's reducing fractions, making them into decimals and uhmmm I think adding and subtracting them. I know that multiplying fractions is a cinch. Algebra I am better at than fractions and decimals. :P~

If I get accepted into the program I am planning on taking the anatomy & physiology course through distance. Man, I love science... I am a science geek.

Anyways I am really excited! :) Crossing my fingers!

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