Tuesday, January 24, 2006

On Spontaneity

Yes, so I like spontaneous acts. Very much so... but it's crazy when the spontaneous act is the following: signing up for a biology course and a math course that starts THIS Monday! Holy Crap?

Ok... I will be fine, I know it. It's just a lot of time to commit outside of home. Basically my schedule:
M-F work 8-4
M & W 6:30-9:30 biology
T & T 6:30-9:30 math

Talk about a full schedule! Kinda scary, but I wanted to get some courses upgraded before I start college. (I sure hope I get in! :P) In September I think I am going to take a calculus course, physics and chemistry. We'll see how things are.

If I don't get accepted into ACC then I will apply at RRCC, and be able to submit my transcripts of the upgraded courses along with the application. But the thing is... I have a 6 year plan!! (well it may be more...but meh I can call it what i want!) It has to work.. it just has to!! lol

2007-2008 ACC
2008-2010 employed as a nurse while on a waiting list for the joint baccalaureate program (which is currently two years) This time will give me real life experience as a nurse, and will probably make further training somewhat easier.
2010-2013/14? BScN :)

Anyways... that's what I hope... we will see what happens! It's action time since I am hitting some sort of quarter of a century life crisis. pathetic but true!! I am just nowhere near where I want to really be. I don't know why I held onto the application for over a year before mailing it... I guess it wasn't time... but now I am ticking outta time! Ok, not really...but I do wish that I had been through the whole school thing already. Although, I do really love to learn...

So PLEASE letter come!!!! I am obsessive about the mail... what will I do if they say no? Oh man!!!! argggggh!! I just need to know NOW! lol

So, I hope I don't die with all the work and school I will have. From now until June 7, I will have a great opportunity at the championships for pancake ass! Anyways exciting anways!

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